University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Saturn 3 12k – UV Resin Printer

The Saturn 3 12K UV resin printer is our largest resin printer at the lab. UV resin based 3D printers use controlled UV light to cure photosensitive resin. These printers can produce great detail, but they are a bit messy to work with. Great for fine detail prints, miniature figures, and jewelry prototyping.

Having a 3D file ready to go when you come in is ideal, but if you need time to prepare your file you can book time in our computer lab first.

Starting 3D Model File Type: .STL

Slicing Software: ChituBox

Print File Type: .CTB

Max Print Volume: 5.64(L) x 3.52(W) x 6.89(H) inches | 143.43(L) x 89.6(W) x 175(H) mm

Print Material: UV Resin

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