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Summer Camp Flow

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Camp offerings are for youth ages 10+. Each year we have some standard offerings and some new ones sprinkled in. Check our camp calendar below for dates.

Register your camper

One registration per camper. If a camp you are interested is full, you can sign up for the waitlist and we will notify you if seats become available

Complete required camp forms

Camp forms are required by the university to participate. These forms can be emailed in advance or brought with your camper on their first day.

Show up for camp

Parents/guardians should sign in their campers with staff at the main entrance of the building and bring their completed camp forms (if not already submitted). Lab staff will direct campers to their camp's space in our building.

Camp Calendar

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*This page is not automatically updated; please check official registration for availability

General Summer Camp Information

SessionDrop OffCampPick Up
AM8:45 AM – 9 AM9 AM – 12 PM12 PM – 12:15 PM
PM12:45 AM – 1 PM1 PM – 4 PM4 PM – 4:15 PM

Drop Off

  • Fab Lab staff will be stationed outside to check-in campers and answer any questions.
  • Campers will need all their camp forms filled out and turned in the first day of camp.
  • Parents/Guardians will sign-in their campers each morning.
  • Fab Lab staff reserve the right to turn away campers that display any Covid-like symptoms (fever, cough, fatigue, etc..)

Pick Up

  • Campers will come outside as they are called once it is clear a parent/guardian is there to pick them up.
  • They will be signed out by a staff member.
  • If you are running late for any reason, please call the Lab at 217-265-5342

Break and Snacks

  • Campers need to come with their own snacks and water. 
  • There will be a 15-20 minute outdoor snack break during camp everyday (weather permitting).

Lunchtime Between Camp Sessions

Campers attending both morning and afternoon sessions of camps may:
  • Be picked up after the morning camp and brought back for the afternoon camp by their parent/guardians.
  • Bring their lunches to eat outside (weather permitting). Please let staff know if your camper will be staying for lunch.

Aftercare (Optional)

For our afternoon camps, we are bringing back the option for camper parents/guardians to sign up their camper for aftercare to extend their pick up time window to 5:15PM. This option carries an additional per week cost. Camp activities will not take place during this hour. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Fab Lab camps are for ages 10+. Our curricula has been designed for campers that have some basic computer knowledge, are able to independently problem solve, manage new tools, and engage in group work. *An exception can be made for campers who are 9 but will turn 10 on or before September 1st of this year.

Thanks to the amazing support we continue to receive from our Holiday Market Fundraisers, we may be able to offer free or reduced price camps for qualifying individuals. More information can be found on our summer camp scholarship waiver page.

After you registered and paid, you will receive an automated confirmation email from our system with your camper’s name, selected camps and dates, and payment details. If you do not receive an email, please contact us and we can check on your registration status.

Life happens. If you are running late, please call the Lab at 217-265-5342 and let us know.

Camps will have a 15-20 min snack/recess break during each session. Snacks and drinks will NOT be provided by us, but campers are welcome to enjoy things they’ve brought from home during this time.

If you need to pick up your camper earlier than the scheduled pick up time, please let the check-in staff know. They can relay the information to the instructors. 

Yes, BUT only if we have a signed camper release form for them. Your camper must also tell sign out staff they are leaving each day. Camper release forms are available upon request at camp sign in.

If your camper is being picked up by someone other than the parent/guardian(s) listed on your camper’s registration, we will need you to fill out a Camper Release Form with the pick up individual’s name listed. Also, please inform your camper as to whom will be picking them up. Camper release forms are available upon request at camp sign in.

In efforts to keep campers and staff safe we have altered our refund policy to best accommodate any immediate cancellations due to a positive COVID test or reason to believe your camper may have been exposed to an illness and can no longer attend camp. In this case, a full refund for camps missed due to an unforeseen illness can be given upon request if we are informed as soon as you are able. Refunds will not be provided for ‘no call, no shows’ if we are not notified the day of the missed camp.

However, if you know in advance of the camp you will no longer be able to attend, we do ask that you let us know as soon as possible so we can open up spots for those on the waitlist. 

Still have camp questions? Ask here.

Philosophy and Learning Processes

All of our camps are designed to help participants come up with new ideas, solve problems, and make things. We strive to create an environment where design thinking flourishes, meaning that campers (and patrons) usually learn through the iteration of prototypes made using our tools. Practically, this means trying things, sometimes failing, returning to the design, and trying again. We believe that this approach encourages campers to cultivate creative thinking and determination in addition to exposing them to new technologies.

Our camps are also designed to inspire the development of cross disciplinary skills. A camper learning about art in video game design will come away from the experience having learned about creating digital art, video game logic, and storytelling. Campers learning to sew are also learning about digital design through digital embroidery and are gaining spatial skills through the geometry fundamental to sewing.

Last, we believe that campers across all of our camps experience immense satisfaction in seeing things from their imagination brought to life, whether it is a 3D print from a Minecraft model they built or an animated video they created. Campers love hands-on learning and take great pride in what they create.