University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

2.25″ Button Maker

Our pin back button maker and die-cutter can be used to make buttons 2.25″ in diameter.
Our button maker is to be used with standard copy paper only (no cardstock or photo paper).

For designing buttons:
  • The paper circle (printed image) will need to be 2.625 inches in diameter to properly fit the button press
  • For ease of use, we have a die cutter that can be used to punch out a printed image
  • Alternatively, you can draw a 2.625 inch circle (or multiple per letter size sheet) and cut them on the Silhouettes or Brother Scan ‘N Cut
  • Please be aware that the finished button will be smaller than the paper as the edges will need to wrap around the button when pressed.
  • The visible image should be 2.063 inches (this should be centered within the cut edge of the circle).